Guest Roy Penn talking about starting banking account and rebuilding credit.

December 2023

November podcast Thanksgiving

October 2023 Podcast

September 2023 Podcast

This video explains the issues we had with Chester Tech Repair and the last video at the end explains how the seller does not know anything about the product when it comes to port forwarding or static Ip. When I asked for a refund they deducted the shipping labels. This is nonsense.

Hope For Felons INC. Talking about new policies going into effect Jun 1st.

This is a review of Chester Tech Repair with the Chester router. PLEASE BE AWARE.

Hope For Felons explaining our new placement in Halfway Houses and Shelters. Please give us at least 3 months to assign you to a facility.

Explaining some issues we are currently having at Hope For Felons Inc

Discussing more in-depth about the new monitoring company

More info on the monitoring software.

Talking about the new company the Federal Government is now using to monitor offenders' internet on phones and computers.

About getting help such as Food stamps and Disability.

Happy New Year 2023 telling whats in store for 2023

Talking about Second Chance Act.

November 2022 Podcast

Success story and what we are doing at Hope For Felons INC.

In this podcast, we have a returning guest on the show that's explaining some of the issues you might face after incarceration and also gives advice to those facing a prison sentence.

Discussing the current successes of Hope For Felons Inc.

Hope For Felons Inc explains the new filing for 501 c 3 and operation backpack is rolling out now.

This episode we talk about felons finding housing and a job.

Talking about Operation Backpack


Explaining about the new information about home confinement and halfway house and how they work.

Inmate recently released from federal prison speaking about how the halfway house really works today.

April's podcast will be about How to deal with a loved one coming home from prison.

What to expect now when going to the halfway house. New rules from the B.O.P.

We wrap up the March subject: Halfway house and home confinement and also go in-depth about how it works.

Hope For Felons Update on Halfway houses

This podcast explains computer and cellphone monitoring by probation.

Explaining the services we have to offer.

February 2022 Podcast explaining how prisoners live and how rapidly the coronavirus is affecting the prison system.

How the Coronavirus is still impacting the prison.

Hope For Felons is excited to have Dr. Linda McRae on our show. Dr. McRae the President and CEO of Hope Counseling and Consulting shares her love for helping individuals especially when it comes to prisoner re-entry.

Hope For Felons Radio Podcast speaking out.

Hope For Felons talking about Giveaways.

Hope For Felons Radio Show Explaining about Federal Halfway Houses and how they work.

June 2021 Hope For Felons Podcast discussing the end of the pandemic in prison and what it means to the prisoners and family.

This podcast speaks out about the truth concerning the citizens and Law Enforcement. Please comment below.

This episode discusses the issues today regarding police Brutality and misconduct. It is our job as citizens to hold law enforcement accountable for their actions. There is no room for bad law enforcement. Police Brutality and misconduct.

Explaining that hope for felons will be glad to consult the family and friends of inmates that are being released so they know what to expect upon release. Also, we will be giving one hat out every month if you email us and let us know you are watching the podcast.

Hope For Felons discussing is the person you hanging around really good for your release?

This podcast is about our new radio station.

January podcast we talk about it being our one-year anniversary and also about other things coming up.

March 2021 Episode: Covid-19 in prison and what prisoners will get the stimulus check this round.

Update on Prison in the middle of the pandemic. Some B.O.P. facilities are on lockdown once again.

This podcast is focused on the virus in prison and about the reopening of visitation in the Federal Prisons.

Hope For Felons Podcast For July 2020. This Podcast covers the Virus in prison and also police brutality. This is some good information.

This podcast covers how to contact the prison to check on your loved ones. Update on Coronavirus in prison and how to contact the prison to check on your loved ones.

This video explains the issues that prisons are facing and what to expect from family and friends that are incarcerated. Prison impacted by the coronavirus and what to expect.

This podcast covers what is currently going on at Hope For Felons.

Intro to hope for felons 2nd Podcast

Understanding relationships coming out of prison.

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